Why VOTE for me  
My commitments with ward 6 and Springfield:

1- Being the liaison between the Neighbors associations, the city hall and city hall committees.

2- To lower taxes for all Springfield resident and work on a tax credit for residents in the historical areas of Springfield.

3- I believe that a reliable and safe housing is a human right, will work to ensure the residents are provided this basic right.

4-Identify and open a community center in the vicinity of ward 6 where we can provide services focus on young kids and youth at low cost or no costa at all.

5- Have contact with my constituency , making myself available by stablishing office hours, schedule town halls at civic meetings.

6- Bring essential services to the ederly community in Ward 6 .

7-Reducing the crime rate in our beautiful city is essential as well as keeping it beautiful and vibrant in economy, education, and tourism